TSP219 Tteleprompter

Readable from 33 feet
Lifetime Warranty
19″ monitor

The teleprompter has a transparent reflect known as a beam splitter that may be put in at the best of a longer stand. The teleprompter is positioned among the reader and the target audience, however is hardly visual. The speaker sees the scrolling textual content on his facet of the reflect, however the entire target audience sees is a transparent piece of glass. The TSP2-19 has a sixteen” x 17″ beam splitter reflect that has rounded corners and a 19″ LCD display at the side of a 25′ VGA cable and has a studying distance of 33 toes. Additionally it is their proprietary Tool known as ZaPrompt Professional which creates the scrolling textual content for the display and will also be put in on 4 computer systems.
Readable from 33 toes
Lifetime Guaranty
19″ display
Comprises Tool


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