TSP217 Presidential Teleprompter

Readable from 22 feet
17 inch LCD Monitor
Lifetime Warranty

The TSP2 presidential taste teleprompter series accommodates all of the good things about its predecessor the TSP series, however telemax teleprompters have made a few massive enhancements. First the brand new replicate clamp gadget has been totally redesigned giving it a sleeker cleaner glance even as making it smaller, lighter and more flexible. Next is the Screen mount gadget, with their all new folding give a boost to gadget that permits all of the Screen assembly to stick totally intact all through transportation. The gadget is to be had in three sizes 15″, 17″, 19″ and in addition to be had in full bundled packages that consist of 2 teleprompters with all of the essential hardware and device.
Readable from 22 ft
17 inch LCD Screen
Lifetime Guaranty
Comprises device


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