Telmax EL Series 15″ Teleprompter

Built in America!
14″ X 14″ 70/30 Beam Splitter Mirror
15″ VGA LCD Monitor

Why the EL Series Teleprompter? You can also find yourself torn between spending hundreds of dollars on a professional studio teleprompter or shopping for a less robust tablet or iPad teleprompter. The EL Series will make that call so much easier. Why settle for a tablet teleprompter when you can be set up like a Pro with an actual studio teleprompter that incorporates Probably the most perfect desktop Mac and PC based teleprompter softwares in the marketplace? With the EL series teleprompter you get pretty much the whole thing that you’d had you purchase one in all our more expensive G2 or T2 series teleprompters. The principle difference is the design of the sled and mirror enclosure that permits to still product a prime quality fully versatile product for a much lower price. This teleprompter comes standard with the similar monitor, mirror, and software as all of our more expensive professional studio teleprompters. Probably the most differences is the camera mount. With the EL Series the camera mount reverts back to a rigid sled system where the peak at a fixed position but is easily configured to any other height(the G2 and T2 series have an absolutely adjustable camera height mount). In some way this is a bonus because it allows for the unit to be more compact for storage and transport, allowing it to suit into a smaller case than the opposite comparable teleprompters. The EL15 has a 14″ X 14″ 70/30 HD video production grade beam-splitter mirror, perfectly sized for the included 15″ monitor. This setup allows for a maximum reading distance of as much as 18′, making it best for so much shots. Whether your a veteran videographer or a novice, you can find the EL will make each and every take easy and professional.
Built in The us!
14″ X 14″ 70/30 Beam Splitter Mirror
15″ VGA LCD Monitor
Light weight & portable
Includes ZaPrompt Pro Dual Screen Software


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