Studio Assets 8 x 8′ PXB Pro Portable X-Frame Background System without Muslin

Assembles Quickly with Quick Connect Joints
Strong & Light Fiberglass Arms

Location, portrait, and event shooters will rejoice On the ease and portability of this self-contained background system. The PXB Professional Transportable Background System is composed of a singular X-frame and a convenient adjustable stand. It assembles in minutes, is totally self-supporting, and stows away smartly in its own 8 x 8 x 36″ (20 x 20 x 92 cm) case and weighs just 11.8 lbs. (5.4 kg). The brand new fiberglass resin rods are durable and light-weight, making the PXB Professional 1 lb lighter than the former version. On the end of each and every rod is a handy guide a rough connector that holds the rods in combination even if a muslin is not mounted. The PXB Professional also features a brand spanking new durable metal alloy center hub. The PXB Professional includes a new expandable connector system. Within the close to long run, accessories can be to be had to permit the kit for use with 6 x 6, 5 x 7, and 7 x nine’ muslins. *Muslins sold One by one*

Assembles Briefly with Fast Connect Joints
Robust & Light Fiberglass Arms
Difficult Metal Alloy Center Hub
Muslins Sold One by one


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