Savage Seamless Background Paper, Storm Gray, #70

The Savage Translum Backdrop adds the soft, diffused glow typically found in frosted glass in your images. Translum is a flexible and unique, semi-translucent plastic Subject material designed for reworking light and creating stunning visual effects within the studio. Created from sturdy plastic, this flexible backdrop can be utilized as a mild table, prop setup, or background. Props at the other side of the backdrop are seen as softly diffused shapes. Easily cut with scissors, the Translum Backdrop could also be ideal for making silhouettes.

The lightweight grade creates medium diffusion for a soft light effect in situations where some contrast continues to be desired. The medium grade creates a dramatic soft light effect where the elimination of such a lot shadows is desirable. The unique, heavy grade creates a dramatic soft light effect where diffusing light over a big area is desired. This grade is a perfect and cleanable surface for shooting tables and table tops.


– Background: Translum is smooth and texture-free, making it easiest for backgrounds. Take a look at backlighting for a very simple high key set up.
– Tabletop: Use Translum as a background for product and tabletop photography. Trim Translum to any size to suit your application.
– Diffuser: Diffuse studio or natural lights with Translum to reach soft, delicate light. Suspend close to windows to simply diffuse natural light.
– Silhouettes & Patterns: Get creative! Translum permits you to turn out to be light and shadow like a professional. Have a laugh with silhouettes, or trim Translum to make your individual cookaloris!


– Light Weight Subject material: Polyester
– Medium Weight Subject material: Polypropylene
– Heavy Weight Subject material: Styrene
– Light Weight Light Loss: 3/4 Stop
– Medium Weight Light Loss: 1.5 Stops
– Heavy Weight Light Loss: 2 Stops
– Light Weight Size: 60� x 18′
– Medium Weight Size: 60� x 18′
– Heavy Weight Size: 54� x 18′
– Variety Pack Size: 12� x 12�
– Light Weight


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