Reflect-All (12 oz. can)

****SHIPS IN 24-48 HOURS, Parcel Select (Aerosol). The 6-10 days is ground transit time required for Hazmat
Highly Reflective
Nearly Invisible by Day

Spray on reflective coating. Up to date technology, highly reflective and prime quality components. By weight, this spray has as much as 3X the reflective mircrobeads contained in other products. The adhesive is prime quality weatherproof subject matter, and will last for years. Has been proven effective as a CAMERA FLASH REFLECTOR. **PLEASE NOTE** We regularly ship same day or inside 24 hours. We needed to put “4 days Handling Time” ONLY since the USPS will very every now and then take more than 5 days to move. It HAS to head ground because it’s an aerosol and regarded as hazmat (ORM-D). *** Reflect-AllTM is a revolutionary light-reflective spray paint/coating that may be applied to nearly any surface. Thousands of reflective microbeads capture, intensify and reflect light back to the supply leading to amazing midnight visibility. Light up potential hazards, objects, signs or equipment around your own home or place of business. Reflect-AllTM specialty reflective spray coating is a one-of-a-type breakthrough in midnight visibility and safety. Reflect-All illuminates dangerous stumbling blocks and allows you to and other objects be seen. Reflect-AllTM illuminates painted surfaces beneath direct light for greater midnight visibility and safety. Apply to nearly any surface including metal, picket, plastic, rubber, concrete, masonry, stucco, asphalt and more. Sprays on semi-clear and dries in 10 minutes.
****SHIPS IN 24-48 HOURS, Parcel Make a selection (Aerosol). The 6-10 days is ground transit time required for Hazmat
Highly Reflective
Just about Invisible by Day
Newly Developed Reflective Micro Beads
Reflects Camera Flashes













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