Prompter People FLEX-12 teleprompter

FLEX-12 teleprompter from Prompter Other people includes soft elevate case, reversing monitor and Turn-Q Professional software for PC and Mac. Rapid, simple setup Supports any size camera from palmcorder to ENG (ENG stands for “Electronic News Gathering”, a camera, formerly used only for reporting, which has grow to be the usual for so much skilled video production these days) Easily readable to over 12 feet Reversing monitor 12″ diagonal Top Bright model to be had Adapter to be had for iPad Upgradable to 15, 17, 19, and 24 inch monitor sizes. The Flex 12 inch teleprompter’s patent-pending design utilizes custom aluminum extrusions for prime strength, that includes light-weight and gear-less setup and operation. The original design provides best balance for any size camera from a palmcorder to an entire size ENG camera. The included monitor provides numerous inputs together with VGA, composite and HDMI. The light-weight, long life LED backlit display provides a bright 400 nit symbol (nit is the unit of visible mild intensity). The Flex 12 can also be briefly and cheaply converted to an iPad or to a 15, 17, 19, or 24 inch prompter for final flexibility.


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