Portable UV Checker Atmospheric Light Meter

Belt clip carrying case
Convenient lanyard to wear around your neck
Button cell battery CR2032

This UV meter detects both atmospheric UV-A and UV-B gentle (starting from 400 nm to 280 nm) and shows the present unified atmospheric UV index of both UV-A and UV-B. UV-A and UV-B are the UV rays that penetrate the ambience. Scholars can relate this numerical index to our color changing UV beads or our gentle sensitive Print Papers observing how dark the colour or how fast the change. Note: the meter isn’t sensitive to the slightly slim frequency of UV gentle emitted from synthetic sources such as a UV flashlight or UV lamp. Meter requires a 3 volt CR2032 button battery (included). This meter works off both UV-A and UV-B rays. The software in this device takes the UV-A and UV-B readings, combines and calculates a figure. If the usage of glass in an experiment, please note that UV-B can not undergo glass, so the meter can not get a reading via glass and can simply register a 0. It can not give the UV-A or UV-B one by one however just a combined calculated figure.

Meter comes with:
Belt clip sporting case,
Convenient lanyard to wear around your neck,
Button cell battery CR2032,
Complete directions.
Now not for kids below age 3 years: small portions: choking hazard
Belt clip sporting case
Convenient lanyard to wear around your neck
Button cell battery CR2032
Complete directions
A while 3+









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