Novatron D1000 W/S Fully Computer Controlled, Digital Readout Power Pack

The D1000 is the primary in a brand new generation of rugged and complex all digital flash power packs from Novatron. The 1000 watt-seconds fan cooled percent, is absolutely microprocessor controlled and has an output which is variable in 1/10’th prevent increments over its’ entire 4 prevent power vary (double the variability of Novatron’s previous 1000 watt-sec units). Output power is displayed on a half inch tall 4 digit LED show which is well visible from many feet away beneath commonplace room lighting. The D1000 power percent additionally supplies misfire alarm purposes and supports all usual Novatron flashheads. It’s also sync voltage compatible with so much current digital cameras in the marketplace and has upper powered modeling lamp beef up These packs actually have a 2nd circuit breaker devoted to the modeling lamps and are designated as Series II. This 2nd breaker permits these units to take care of as much as 250 watt modeling lamps for fan-cooled flash heads (one thousand watts total modeling lamp power per unit).


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