Magii Q Face Beauty Algorithm Camera Selfie Master WIFI Control

SONY EXMOR RS CMOS sensor 13megapixels f/2.0 large aperture Dual flash lamp Seven good looks facial serve as immediately upward thrust your good looks level,whitening,beautifying skin,tender ,can help you to offer pure natural good looks skin ,skinny face ,big eye ,dispel spot ,put off eye bag ,appearance you no dead angle refined face . Optical symbol good looks makes the selfie more skilled Exclusive optical imaging technology,3 years of concentrated R&D ,hundreds of millions faces mathematics ,basis to your facial structure and environment light ,non-public custom good looks resolution ,more obviously ,more natural ,more coordination ,immediately develop into good looks baby . Such a lot playful man use essentially the most funny camera Beyond imagination of separate structure design ,free stick of rear cover ,each plate is your photograph , Magii flank is groove ,compatible with mainstream mobile phones and tablets , with WIFI remote keep watch over make freestyle selfie imaginable ,more accessories infinite extension application situation , young generation price benefit from the selfie . 25M let the selfie more freestyle The magic glue separate design rear cover can stick in any smooth surface ,internal magnet adsorption design ,simple to capture quite a lot of gesture in any angle . the 25M WIFI keep watch over distance serve as hook up with telephone . Better photoes=more good looks baby + the landscape around you


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