Light & Motion Sidekick Duo

Brightest, most compact light for GoPro Hero cameras
600 Lumen flood and 400 Lumen spot beam Certified to the FL-1 standard
Innovative dual beam modes with multiple power settings, 1-6 hour runtime

The Light & Motion Sidekick Duo brings new levels of possibility to the action camera market – turn out to be dismal low light footage into something peculiar. Designed to seamlessly integrate with GoPro Hero camera housings, the 600 Lumen light will remove darkness from your entire night adventures on land or underwater. Water resistant to 60 meters (196ft), scuba divers love its ability to illuminate a reef bringing out the actual colors of the underwater world (dive arm kit really useful). robust construction is tested to resist a couple of impacts as much as 1 meter on concrete – that means that evening trail ride or skateboard session is probably not compromised by light durability. The Duo model features both a place and flood beam that may be toggled with a quick touch. Keep The sunshine on wide to illuminate a whole scene or spot if a subject matter must be isolated. High, med, and occasional settings give a runtime of one-6 hours and output is regulated so power will remain constant and now not dim – a important feature when filming. A colored indicator displays battery and charge status. The sunshine is instantly recharged in 4.25 hours through an external interface with included USB cable. Light & Motion backs all its products with a 2-Year guarantee when purchased from a certified seller. Note: Extender bolt works seamlessly with GoPro Hero 1-4 Housings. The Hero 5 will want a GoPro – GoPro mount extension.
Brightest, so much compact light for GoPro Hero cameras
600 Lumen flood and 400 Lumen spot beam Certified to the FL-1 usual
Leading edge dual beam modes with a couple of power settings, 1-6 hour runtime
Factory-sealed design with external charge interface (USB) for flood-free reliability; depth rated to 60m (196ft)
Manufactured in California and backed by Light & Motion’s 2-year Enhanced Revel in Guarantee


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