Knog [qudos] ACTION Video Light for GoPro

OUTPUT : 70 – 400 lumens
DIMENSIONS : 31 x 70 x 40mm.
WEIGHT : 150g

Surfing after sunset. Driving in the dead of night. Diving to new depths: the immaculately designed [qudos] action video gentle will highlight the night time.Providing unprecedented freedom for nocturnal thrill-seekers, the [qudos] action seamlessly partners with GoPro, Sony action cameras, DSLR’s such as Nikon and Canon or any action Digicam with GoPro conversion mounts. Delivering a mighty 400 lumens of sunshine from its three tough Cree LEDs and weighing most effective 150 grams, the [qudos] has more than one modes to regulate brightness and light-weight speed, permitting customers to keep watch over their pictures in any scene or area ? whether or not deep underwater, top within the sky, or anyplace in among. WATERPROOF : The [qudos] action is IP68 examined and water resistant as much as 40m.COMPATIBILITY : To be used with GoPro, action cameras with a GoPro conversion mount and DSLRs.ACCESSORIES (INCLUDED) : Action Digicam Mount Bracket and Hardware, Chilly Shoe/Tripod Adaptor (To be used with DSLR cameras), USB Recharge Cable.
OUTPUT : 70 – 400 lumens
DIMENSIONS : 31 x 70 x 40mm.
WEIGHT : 150g
MATERIALS : Die Forged + CNC Machined Aluminium warmth sink and optical grade lens.
BATTERY : USB Rechargeable Lithium Polymer












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