Kingston Class 4 SDHC Flash Memory Card

This Kingston (Class 4) 16GB SDHC / Protected Digital Prime Capacity Flash Memory Card is so that you can expand the memory capacity on your compatible device like digital camera, camcorders, music players, and more cool device that may be with a SD card slot to be had.
It is perfect for storing media-wealthy files such as music, videos, and pictures.


  • Prime storage capacity for storing crucial digital content such as top of the range footage, videos, music and more.
  • Kingston Memory card for reliable quality.
  • Non-volatile cast-state; no moving portions maximizes battery power. Knowledge isn’t lost when power is turned off.
  • Rapid transfer rate for reliable replica, download, back-up.
  • New devices with SD Card slots will settle for existing MultiMedia Cards (MMC).
  • This SDHC card is compatible with all digital devices and more cool devices with a SDHC Prime capacity memory card slot.
    Memory Capacity: 16 GB
    Flash Memory card sort: Protected Digital Prime Capacity / SDHC card
    Brand: Kingston SDHC (Class 4)
    Speed: Rating (4 Mb/s) Compliant with the SD Card Association card 2.00 specification

    IMPORTANT NOTE: 16 GB is the physical memory storage capacity, actual to be had memory capacity is little smaller as a result of pre-setting card system files.
    Holding by the sides, insert memory card into digital device slot. Don’t practice pressure to the middle of the cardboard.
    Memory can simplest be inserted a technique. Refer on your device’s user manual for directions.











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