Impact Background Support System – 12′ Wide

The Impact 12′ Background Toughen System will Toughen seamless paper as much as 11′ in width, in addition to accommodate the 12′ width of any logo of muslin background. Total weight distributed around the Period of the crossbar will have to now not exceed 20 lb.

The system is composed of 2 heavy-duty skilled Toughen stands with 3 sure locking knobs and tubular legs, a robust 4 piece crossbar that snaps in conjunction with sure button locking devices, and a heavy-duty canvas elevate bag.

It is strongly recommended to protected the stands with gaffer tape, or weight baggage when the usage of any background setup where there are a few other people, or active youngsters at the set.

Robust Toughen for paper, or material backgrounds.

Crossbar can be utilized by combining a few, or the entire sections.


Maximum Height:10.five’ (3.2 m)
Minimum Height: 39″ (99 cm)
Closed Period: 39″ (99 cm)
Maximum Width: 12.five’ (3.8 m)
Minimum Width: 6′ (1.8 m)
Weight Capability: 20 lb (nine kg)
Weight: 12 lb (five.4 kg)


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