Ikan ILED312-v2 Bi-color Flood Light

Wide Angle Beam Pattern
Analog Controls with Digital Readout Display
LCD Battery Life Indicator

The iLED312-v2 Bi-Colour Flood Gentle is designed and built for pro photographers, videographers and cinematographers who need prime quality and flexible LED lighting fixtures at an inexpensive price.
The Bi-Colour 7 3/four” x 4 half of” LED Gentle delivers field-tested reliability, cast building, and the entire options required for pro performance.The iLED312-v2’s options come with bi-Colour capacity and a large 60-degree Perspective that delivers reliable, consistent performance.iLED312-v2 lighting fixtures also are to be had in numerous kit mixtures that offer added price that can come with stands, luggage and different accessories.
Wide Perspective Beam Pattern
Analog Controls with Digital Readout Show
LCD Battery Life Indicator
Slide-on Barn Doors Removable Diffusion Gel Clear out


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