G2-15 Teleprompter

14″ X 14″ mirror
Includes Software
15″ VGA Monitor

The G2-15 Teleprompter is an ideal teleprompter for video production; mild weight, sturdy, Simple to arrange and use. This teleprompter will work with such a lot cameras and can are compatible on such a lot tripods. The original sled lets in for fast Simple changes to perfectly center the camera lens and tripod. It Contains ZaPrompt Professional for Mac and PC that’s our proprietary twin screen symbol reversing software. Our new sturdy plastic reflect enclosure removes cumbersome and sagging cloth shrouds. Taking into consideration more dependable functionality and simplicity of use. The G2-15 has a 14″ X 14″ 70/30 production grade beamsplitter reflect with minimal mild loss at the same time as creating good enough reflectivity. The G2-15 has an adjustable reflect (reflect perspective) and a studying distance of 22 ft. with a minimum distance of best inches; absolute best for such a lot shots.
14″ X 14″ reflect
Contains Software
15″ VGA Monitor
Simple setup
Simple to make use of


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