Flashpoint Flashtube for RoveLight 600

Flashpoint 1 Year Warranty
Flashpoint Flashtube for RoveLight 600

By no means contact the bulb along with your naked fingers, all the time use gloves or a fabric; the herbal oils out of your pores and skin can go to pot the lifespan of the bulb. To exchange the bulb, untwist the middle twine till the 2 hooks are unfastened, and the middle can also be lifted. (watch out the ends are pointy!!) Then raise the bulb out easily, the 2 ends will slide out Slide within the alternative bulb, ensuring the middle is going into the 2 semi-circles Re-twist the middle twine to have interaction the 2 hooks CAREFULLY OF COURSE, DISCONNECT THE POWER AND “FIRE” THE UNIT, AND WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR DURING THIS PROCESS IF YOU ARE NOT one hundred% CONFIDENT IN YOUR SAFETY PLEASE HAVE A TECHNICIAN DO IT FOR YOU
Flashpoint 1 12 months Guaranty
Flashpoint Flashtube for RoveLight 600


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