Case Club DJI Mavic Waterproof Drone Case

Waterproof Case fits DJI Mavic or Mavic Pro Drone, Remote, Batteries, Charger, Tablet and some Accessories
Case is 100% Waterproof & Dustproof, and features a Lifetime Gaurantee. (Made in USA)
Built in padlock holes for added layer of security

The DJI Mavic Drone Case by Case Club is designed to hold the DJI Mavic Drone along side its remote, extra batteries, a Pill, and quite a lot of accessories in a very simple to hold, Water resistant, and rugged case. The case comes with a life-time guarantee, and ensures the security of your DJI Mavic whilst traveling. The case has closed cell military grade polyethylene foam that may be shape fitted for your a DJI Mavic and its accessories and can soak up shock and vibrations comprised of impacts. The case also features an o-ring seal that helps to keep the case Water resistant, even whilst submerged. Padlock holes in both corners lend a hand with added security. The DJI Mavic Drone Case from Case Club is perfect for storing your drone safely whilst traveling, and highly advisable for both pros and hobbyists alike.
Water resistant Case fits DJI Mavic or Mavic Professional Drone, Remote, Batteries, Charger, Pill and a few Accessories
Case is one hundred% Water resistant & Dustproof, and includes a Lifetime Gaurantee. (Made in USA)
Inbuilt padlock holes for additonal layer of security
Foam is closed cell, military grade polyethylene & can also be cleaned
Drone and accessories depicted in pictures don’t seem to be included


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