Big Blue TL3100P, 3100 Lumens LED Technical Light

Light, Battery Pack, Goodman Handle, Lantern Handle, Lanyard
Big Blue TL3100P, 3100 Lumens LED Technical Light
Compact Body Style

The Bigblue TL3100P Mild is a self-contained technical Mild that pumps out a surprising 3,100 lumens. The TL3100P has a compact body Taste, uses a competent push-button switching mechanism, a battery indicator at the Mild itself, and your collection of 4 power levels and an SOS serve as. As a self-contained Mild, it uses a 32650 lithium ion rechargeable battery and is derived with a charger. The TL3100P additionally comes with a strengthened Goodman-Taste glove, lanyard and an aluminum lantern-Taste Maintain, which makes this Mild a flexible choice for any diver. The TL3100P deep penetrating narrower beam Attitude at 10° degrees will cut during the murkiest waters. The lighting 3 x XML LED’s supply 310 lumens of brightness at level-l, 775 lumens of brightness at level-ll, 1,550 lumens of brightness at level-lll and 3,100 lumens of brightness at level-lV with a colour temperature of 6500K. The lighting burn time at level-l is 15-hours, at level-II is 6-hours, at level-III is 3-hours and at level-IV is 1.five-hours. Built to last The sunshine is made from aluminum alloy that may be anti-corrosion anodized, is sealed by a double O-ring providing a depth rating to 330′ (one hundred meters). The sunshine head has a tempered optical glass front lens. This hand held Mild measures (L x Dia.) 5.34″ x 2.forty eight” (a hundred thirty five.6 mm x 63 mm), weighs 15.77 ounces. (447g) with battery, and is negatively buoyant by -7.65 ounces. (-217g).
Mild, Battery %, Goodman Maintain, Lantern Maintain, Lanyard
Large Blue TL3100P, 3100 Lumens LED Technical Mild
Compact Body Taste
Beam Attitude: Deep Penetrating 10° Degree Slim Beam
Push Button On/Off Switch w/Battery-Level Indicator


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