has social media hurt photography

Has Social Media Killed Professional Photography?

The internet and social media have created platforms for artists around the world to connect with their fans on a much deeper and certainly faster than ever before. But has social media helped photographers specifically?

Here are 3 ways social media has impacted the photography world:


On the one hand you are able to publicize your work to many more people almost instantly. On the other hand the internet and especially photo apps like Instagram has flooded the market with amateur photography.

The days of having to spend hours in a dark room honing your craft are gone. Today anyone with a phone can go anywhere and take photos of anything to post to their friends and fans.


One could argue that this has made photography, especially in the professional sense, less skilled and overall less important. News journalists often rely on “on the ground” photography now instead of hiring professional photographers.

But is this a problem or is this something that is actually better? Now you can get actual photos of events as they happen instead of the aftermath once a professional photographer can get to the scene.


Exposure in the sense that more people are interested in the art of photography. While taking photos with your phone does not require the traditional skills like film photography it still requires an eye for the art. Young photographers or even those new to the art can hone their skills with phones and become interested enough in the art to want to buy an actual camera and pursue the art further.

While social media has certainly impacted the way we consume and create photography it is hard to say whether it has hurt or helped the craft. New people are getting interested in the art of photography so that is always a plus!

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